Mark’s STORY


Hi! My name is Mark and thank you for taking the time to read my story and get to know a little bit about me. First and foremost I am a dad. I have two beautiful daughters from my first marriage who are now 18 and 23 and a 9 year old boy who came in to my life when I met my fiance’ Christina. 

I served 10 years in the United States Army, 4 years as a Red Cross disaster team volunteer, and spent some time as a Stephen Minister when I belonged to a church many years ago. If you are wondering what a Stephen Minister is, it is not an ordained minister. Just a regular member of the church who completes about 6 to 9 months of training to be with people who are going through a tough time in life. Whether it be a divorce, job loss, death of a family member, or someone facing a terminal illness. I have always felt a calling to serve others in some capacity.

One thing most people don’t know about me is my struggle with anxiety. Many times it has led me to phases of deep depression. It started when I was young and was my shadow for many years. Sometimes it was crippling. The non-stop racing thoughts, worrying, and otherthinking was exhausting. I did what most do. Get on meds. Which took me to a place of dealing with side effects and being emotionally numb. It impacted me to my core. It kept me from being the dad, partner, friend, brother, son, and person I wanted to be and needed to be for those I cared about.

It was while I was going through my divorce, which was the darkest time in my life that I discovered meditation and the practice of mindfulness. That combined with eating better and getting back to working out daily I saw enough improvement to ditch the meds. Finally some progress.

But even with those healthy habits formed and in use daily I still struggled. I still felt that I wasn’t handling all that life threw at me like I should. I was still feeling mentally exhausted most days and that was leaving me feeling physically exhausted. This led to proscatination and putting things off that I needed or wanted to do and not giving my attention to those I care about.

Then a blessing. My fiance’ Christina was approached by a friend about a new supplement that was getting good results with many people and she started taking it. At this point I was completely skeptical and didn’t give it any real thought and figured it would soon join some bottles of aging supplements in the medicine cabinet. I glanced briefly at the ingredients and dismissed it. I take several a day already and didn’t think I needed anything else. I was essentially calling bulls**t.

It wasn’t but a couple days that passed and I noticed a marked change in Christina. If you read her story you know she has dealt with health issues for a long time. Most days she would literally have to stop what she was doing and sleep. Sometimes for several hours. But she was not having to nap anymore. It was truly amazing to watch. She was motivated, getting things done with both work and the kids, and not having to stop.

It was at this point I said I would give it a try. It was a gamechanger. It was hard to explain at first. It was suttle. I would get to parts of my day where I would normally be mentally exhausted and I wasn’t. I would encounter issues that would normally trigger me and they wouldn’t. I was powering through my day with more physical energy and with a mental focus and clarity I don’t ever remember feeling in my life. I was a believer.

Then came the most beautiful blessings of them all. Christina approached my daughter who is currently living with us to try the product. My daughter was failing in college and had struggled all her life with school and mot being able to focus. It wasn’t until she was in high school that she was tested and diagnosed with severe ADHD. It finally made sense all the years of struggling. If you are a parent and have watched your child struggle with anything and not being able to help is one of the most painful and frustrating things a parent can go through. But just like Christina, and just like me, within just a couple days, she came to us and said “I feel different. But good.” That was the start of witnessing a beautful transformation. She has more energy, her mood is so much better, she is exercising daily, she is not hiding in her room, and best of all she is not just passing, but exceling now in her studies.

This is my testimony. My story. The “why” I am doing this. Why I am here today typing this and you are hopefully reading it. To help others find better health and a better quality of life. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and I am back to helping and serving others.

Will you join me?